Kashif Jawed

Chief Executive Officer

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From an early age, Kashif has been enthusiastic about helping people out. This passion led him into the consulting field where he turned his passion into a career by helping corporatations solve their business challenges.

An entrepreneur by nature, Kashif also successfully started up a web hosting and development company that helped him pay through his school. By combining his passion to help others along with his entrepreneurial nature, Kashif started CareerPal, an online marketplace that allows users to help each other address their career challenges.

Kashif serves as the chief executive officer for CareerPal and is responsible for the overall direction of the company and raising funding to fuel it's growth. Kashif's consulting experience across numerous industries and learning from the lessons learnt first hand makes him a great fit for this role.

He currently lives in Toronto, Canada and is an active volunteer with various NPO's helping students and recent immigrants become career ready.


Chinmay Patel

Technology Advisor

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Kevin Smith

Chief Marketing Officer