About CareerPal

CareerPal is an online platform where students and career changers can boost their chances of getting hired by receiving one-on-one coaching from professionals within the industry they wish to pursue. Our goal is to help our members achieve their dream career.

Why CareerPal?

There were 3.6 million job openings at the end of 2012. Most available jobs are never advertised. Most people either haven't mastered the skill of networking or don't network with the right people to achieve their career goal.

Therefore, we decided to build a community of experts who are open to helping each other address various career challenges. For a student or someone looking for a new career path, the opportunity to directly connect one-on-one with working professionals within any industry or organization is priceless. This connection helps address various career questions, such as, “How should I tailor my resume effectively?” or, “How should I practice for an interview?” or, “What are the steps I should take to earn an internal referral for an open position?”

We acknowledge that there are a number of professional platforms that help leverage your current network. But options are limited when you lack connections within your ideal organization. What makes CareerPal different from other platforms is the rare opportunity it provides to connect with a professional who has taken the very direction you wish to pursue. You can be confident that you’re going to receive solid advice from someone who’s “walked the walk.”

We want to improve the existing career networking model to something that is easy, efficient, and result driven. To accomplish this, we mesh the idea of a marketplace with professional social networking.


Students & Career Changers -

  • Receive career advice directly from subject matter experts within the industry or company of your choice

  • Resume assistance or interview preparation from peers who have already gone through the recruitment process

  • More effective than traditional job agencies or other career counselling services

  • Expert ratings ensures that you receive quality career advice

  • Have the right skills? You could get referred internally by the experts

Professional experts within an industry or company

  • Boost your professional portfolio by receiving real user feedback

  • Receive monetary incentive for your time and effort

  • Build leadership skills by coaching and helping others with their career challenges

  • Find the right talent for your organization from a pool of talented individuals

  • Expand your professional network with like minded individuals


  • Talent Acquisition - while closely working with users, your employees are able to screen potential candidates that may be a good fit for the firm

  • Brand Recognition - by enabling and encouraging your employees to assist others, you will in turn promote your own brand

  • Brand Sentiment - your employees help create a positive association with your corporation when they pro-actively help other students and candidates

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